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Step 1: Information Sessions

Study/Intern Abroad
Study Abroad or Intern Abroad Information Sessions are mandatory prior to the semester you plan to study abroad! Study or Intern Abroad can be Semester, Academic Year, or Short-Term. These sessions are about one hour long and are normally held at that start of each semester, and contain necessary information of where you can study, when is the best time for you to go, financial structure, and important policies and procedures put forth by Quinnipiac University with regards to study abroad.
Faculty-Led Courses Abroad
Faculty led courses abroad are short-term, for credit classes that students may take as an alternative to a full term abroad. These courses are usually UC electives taught by Quinnipiac faculty on campus, with the course including a travel component with a Staff member related to the class curriculum. These courses last a full term, and the travel component of the class typically proceeds afterwards (1-2 weeks of travel). For example, a Fall semester faculty-led course abroad may meet for classes during the fall semester, with travel in the January term.

Faculty led course abroad information sessions are presented by the faculty members leading their respective trips. A wide range of classes and topics are typically offered, and the courses vary by semester. These information sessions are not mandatory for participation in the class/trip.

Global Solidarity Programs

Quinnipiac’s Global Solidarity Programs (GSP) travel to a range of countries in Central America and the Caribbean. The GSP programs are short-term (1 week), non-credit bearing travel experiences that focus on global engagement and learning service. While these trips are not academic courses, there is strong emphasis placed on cultural learning. These info sessions are mandatory for students who wish to participate in GSP programs.